Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Catching Up

I so needed to get on the ball. With my finances. I will say though, I'm not the only person struggling with money these days of course. More in, that I let myself not keep up completely with Checking balances (even though I stopped using my debit card weeks ago...) I apparently didn't record my payment to Progressive car insurance, which sunk my numbers into the negatives. A week and a half went by...figured to look, and oh my! Nice overdraft charges I have. It will be okay though. Just money. It's only money. Thank God I just nailed a job!

My point in this is really seeing just how depressed I was to let myself go in taking care of myself, my personal responsibilities. It's my fault of course, but I had no idea my depression could suck up so much mental energy you forget you're a U.S. citizen that pays bills. 

I finished wrapping gifts for my Dad's Christmas company party. A bottle of Merlot and Starbucks Liquor. Lucky people they will be, unless my Dad wins the high spot in the Chinese auction. I'm impressed I got as much done as I did tonight, because I've been feeling complete vertigo and like I'm going to faint every time I move. I ate a bit for dinner, so it's not food related. I had no appetitite at all, but eating didn't change a thing. All I know is this couch I'm sitting on helps a whole lot=)

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