Monday, December 15, 2008

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In 4 hours, you can get a lot of things done. Every thing's done, excluding the decision on my clothes for tomorrow. I wanted to get on the the subject of food and body obsession.

What's to blame for obesity? Lack of knowledge? Availability of cheap ingredients? Social Status? Genetics? Poor Food Choices?

Personally, I believe it's an incredible complex subject, that I would like to look into more. It's a mix of many things, definitely more than I listed. I've seen many posts written about this subject. The biggest thing that sticks out in my mind for obesity and any other body "illness"=MONEY PROFIT. I won't get started on insurance companies. There's no profit from you if you're healthy. It seems obesity is the easiest way to point the finger at what is to blame if you have an illness, or if you don't yet, you will.

If it sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory, than oh well. We overeat for whatever reason, feel guilt, ugly, unwanted. We diet, gain it back, diet, gain it back. A lifelong yo yo. We might take it too far and develope an ED.

We're so quick to make a buck, we'll do whatever to get it. Obesity fuels the diet industry. Yet, there are more obese people than ever (not to mention the huge rise in EDs of all ages). Diets fail, but most still buy into it, believing it's their fault for not living up to an image. I feel there are less and less people that are happy with their bodies as is, and more and more that are unhappy-either for being fat, too this or too that. Go spend money to fix it, even though it won't change how you feel. It's all mentality. My orthorexia eating disorder has a huge hatred for fake, process, cheap nasty packaged foods. I won't eat them. Diet sodas, low fat this, sugar free that. Processed "fake" food are like drugs to me (considering my past and current ED). I can't have it. If you buy these foods, you're buying into the agricultural bullshit. Vote with your dollar people.

It feels like we're put into these categories: Fat, or eating disordered. And we want your money for it.

I'll rant later. If you haven't read In Defense Of Food, by Michael Pollan I highly highly recommend it.

What is your take on obesity, and it being seen as so despicable and taboo? How does your eating disorder feel about the food industry? Does that ever come into your mind?


  1. i am infuriated when people make cruel comments about obese folks. first of all, how does it effect the commenter? why do they care? it's like homosexuality. how does it effect anyone else? worry about iraq and india.

    and doesn't the heavy person carry enough pounds of pain? when i was 200 pounds, i got plenty of nasty remarks. and i was a teenager. but i was hurting no one but myself. sorry, but this riles me up. and you know,once the comment is made, it's out there. even if the commenter apologizes, it's still there

  2. Well I'm not sorry I wrote this, it's my own opinion, as it is my blog. I do care, as I've struggled with weight, lost it in a very healthy way, but then became obsessed with loosing weight and things became out of control. I've been 175 at my heaviest, I was overweight all my life until 18. I do know. I'm not making cruel comments towards anyone, if I am it would be at companies that make money from us suffering to fit into one 'right' way. This wasn't a punch at 'fat' people.

  3. oh, sarah, you completely misunderstood. i am so sorry. let me go back and re-read the post. i didn't think YOU were saying anything negative. i'm going back to read this, and i'll be back with comment. if you want, please delete my first comment if it seems rude and wrong. not my intention!!!!

  4. What is your take on obesity, and it being seen as so despicable and taboo? sarah, that was the comment i was responding to. how obese people are picked on.

    and yes, i think the media makes it impossible. when i lived in nyc, every other storefront was a restaurant, a gourmet supermarket, another restaurant, a korean market, three more restaurants. and what about all the shows on the Food Network? how are we supposed to eat healthfully while following Paula Deen's recipes? i once had a true full-out anxiety attack in the cookbook section of barnes & noble in union square, new york. eat and be thin? eat, cook like a top chef, entertain like martha stewart. ahhhh.

    again, forgive me if i offended. i love your blog and insights. i am pretty anxious about the pending rehab, so i'm not thinking as straight on as usual. but that's not an excuse!

  5. Melissa- It's okay!=) I re read your first post, and now see how you meant it. I might not be thinking so straight either since my first day at a new job is tomorrow (haven't worked since June...) I'm pretty anxious too!

    Love ya & no worries=)

  6. sarah; good luck at your new job. i hope it an easy and pleasant day. you know -- where you spend the morning in orientation, they take you out to lunch, tour you around the building and decide you're such an excellent employee -- they give you a bonus. after my "breakdown" i didn't work for a year. and i feared i'd never have the strength to work again. i think i had tremors the whole first day back to work. but now i really like my job, and i'm actually more relaxed there than other places. Good luck!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks so much Melissa, it was pleasant to say the least, and I couldn't thank God more. I think my bonus is having one cute looking boss! cha-ching! It's scary taking that first step, I have not worked for a while as well, but once I crossed that fear, things were better on the other side=)