Saturday, December 6, 2008

Date Rolls

This post has nothing to do with with date rolls, except that I'm having a couple right now (covered with organic coconut). I only had breakfast & lunch today, and honestly had no appetite for dinner. I had another Starbucks, after the one I had in the morning. I so am not looking forward to my credit card statement...

I feel bad for having a snack so late (I'll get over it), but I know I need to eat something. I'm walkin around all light headed, but feel no hunger at all. That's one aspect of my friggin eating disorder I can't stand-to not feel hunger and then that 'just right' fullness. Having to do this without thinking about it would be a serious added bonus. Dealing with 3 different eating disorders, there is no other word but confusing to explain it. 

I wanted to post this poem, that was in the hospital on the wall while I was inpatient. A former patient had written it, but did not leave their name.

Body Peace Prayer

Today I pray, to be the best me that I can be.
I won't change the way I look, I'll change the way I see.

Today I'll love my body, no matter what it's state.
I'll choose to practice body love instead of body hate

I will not waste this day today and attempt to fill a hole.
I'll choose instead to see my body as a shell that holds my soul.

There's no more room for self abuse, all of it must cease.
Today I chose to love myself and pray for BODY PEACE.

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