Monday, December 15, 2008


I made a list of things I'd like to complete today, typed it out so I am accountable to do them;)

  • Balance checkbook
  • Set Date to go renew license
  • Put reg. stickers on car
  • Clean/vacuum house
  • Clean Hammy's cage
  • Decide on outfit for tomorrow
  • Clean cat box
  • Laundry

These are in no particular order, and I might add more. My only problem when it comes to tasks, is just starting. Once I start I'm on fire and usually can't stop. I'm going to blame my lack of energy on the couch...

So I have a mini dilemma, and it's what to wear to my first day of work. I didn't realize what the dress code might be there. I'm certain that everyone wears the same shirt, but I have no idea about pants and shoes! If anyone out there has been in a US Cellular, or cellphone provider store, do you remember what they had on?! Haha, I could go into a US Cellular I'm not working at, walk in, check out their getup, and then leave. "How can I help you?" "Oh I just came in to see what you're wearing." THAT wouldn't look weird right?...

If I'm winging it I'll wear some form of tan slacks (I only have sneakers that will go with them! I'm not a heel person) or black dress pants (Which I only have black strap slip on small heels that match) It's freezing and snowy outside as well.  

Or I just might walk in straight up in my jammies.

Just Kidding.

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  1. Go with the jammies! Actually, perhaps don't take advice from someone who has a tenuous employment status!!

    Lola x