Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Even Better Than Anticipated!

Yes, I made it through my first day at my new job. And yes, I didn't completely hyperventilate and pass out. It was actually, dare I say, AWESOME. My boss, who's 25 is nice, real, funny, and is super thorough when explaining things. I mean thorough in like step by step-that's how I operate (can we say perfectionism??) He says that's a great quility to have for this job. I told him flat out I'm a perfectionist too, he seemed to be impressed by it. So my being accurate and detail oriented will pay off in a positive way. Asking questions is very important, about anything, he liked how I was assertive in understanding things. On top of that he was impressed with my computer and cell phone knowledge, as well as how I interacted with the customers even though I was only shawdowing him.

And apparently we have telecommunication because at least four different times we said the same thing about whatever we were looking over/talking about. I'll be spending 98% of my time on the computer, with a datebase that is complicated, but its like riding a bike. Once you do it enough you don't really think about it. It feels so good to be around people I have things in common with!

I told on myself tonight, to G that I didn't think I ate enough. I told her what I had all day and she said it definately wasn't enough. So I cooked myself a bit of venison, after I had an orange and a third of my soy protein drink. I'm noticing working there is taking a lot of attention away from me even thinking of eating, I don't know if this is bad? It feels good to not have that urge to obsess over my body and food. Tomorrow is a 10 to 4 shift. I'll make sure I pack lunch and a snack at least. Remembering to eat them will be the real test.

I hope everyone is well. I will get to reading posts tomorrow after work, as it already is 11pm for me. Goodnight!


  1. Sarah, great to hear the first day on the job went well. I'm sure it helps having a boss who seems personable and willing to help.

    You're right to be thinking about the food issue. Staying busy can easily turn into "forgetting" about food, so with us, it does become a priority. Sounds like you're already thinking about this.

  2. good for you. you sound healthy. it's great that you talk about what you're eating and making sure you're getting enough food. that's a really hard one to "get". you go girl.

    hope day two was just as good. and it never hurts to have a nice, simpatico and cute boss. good job!

  3. Tiptoe & Melissa-Thank you both so much for your words, I truly can't tell you how much the support of blogging helps me everyday. Being able to connect with everyone when going through recovery is so important. It means a lot<3