Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Not That Scary to Hope

I'm spiritual, believe in God, and karma. It is what it is. Since applying to US Cellular and a few other places, I prayed to God that which ever job is right for me at this time, that it will come soon. I left it in God's hands, which is the best I can do in this situation.

So, I was expecting a call from US Cellular by no later than Monday. No call. Okay, I thought, I've been navigating everywhere possible to find employment. I was irritated more than anything. Well last night, phone rang, got a voicemail (Tuesday evening). I checked it, and said they finished interviewing everyone and have decided that they would like me to work for them! SAY WHAT?! I'm more excited than nervous, which -holy shit- has not been a feeling I've felt for too long. I start next Tuesday. *Big Smile*

At Z's last night, we watched Wanted, if you haven't seen it, don't bother. I swear they tried to make the movie suck. It was a bummer. We made it up by watching Family Guy. Until my first day at USC, I've got things fairly planned out. Today I need to grocery shop (I'll go shopping, my ED's can get lost), Tomorrow is Therapy, then over to C's to sit my niece and nephew. I'll stay at the condo that night since it's closer than driving 1hr 15 minutes back home. Friday I believe is open, Saturday my sister is having an ugly Christmas sweater will be a Chinese auction as well, but I guess the person with the ugliest sweater wins something. This should be interesting. 

I'm off to eat the other part of my breakfast, and read up and see how all of you are doing=)


  1. Congratulations, Sarah. Well done for landing the job you want - I wish you all the best of luck and hope that it works out for you in every way you want it to.

    I, too, have my own, wee, quiet faith and it does help from time to time. I don't refer to it as 'God' any more, although I did for many years. I read a book almost two years ago called Cosmic Ordering by Jonathan Cainer. It isn't atheistic; it isn't New Age claptrap; it's just about acceptance and perseverance...

    Bizarrely, it did actually bring me that which I wanted most.

    I think it is about time I returned to it and practised what I am now preaching to you...

    Take care.

  2. Thank you soo much. I will definitely have to check that book out, I love reading and am open to many other beliefs/religions/ideas.=)