Friday, December 5, 2008

Rise & Shine

One thing I've noticed since I've began recovery (and my meds) that recently when I wake up in the morning I don't feel that huge heavy dread about the day ahead, or should I say just getting out of bed. Today, London purred her way around my bed (meaning feed me) and I could only laugh at how cute she was. Jumped in the shower, and here I am.

I just finished the first part of my daily ritual breakfast, a banana, and I'll be cooking my organic steel cut oats, with 1/4 blueberries=) I need to be out the door by 20 after 8 so I can make my first appointment in town to my pdoc

Also this afternoon, I'm expecting a call from US Cellular, to set up an interview for next week. I'm pretty stoked about that. It's only part time, 3 days a week (Fri afternoon, Sat morning, 1 weekday, 21 hours total) which I don't mind because, well frankly, I need a fucking job. That leaves the other days open for me, therapy, and the gym. Eventually full time employment once I become comfortable working again and not having panic attacks. That would be a necessity.

Times a tickin, gotta check the woodstove and make sure my fire building skills took off. 


  1. Just noticed you changed your blog a bit. It looks nice.

    I hope you received the call to set up the interview for next week and your appts. went well.

  2. Tiptoe-thank you=) I felt for a while that my blog just didn't feel right, it felt sort of rushed, and my old first entries felt like confused emotions. I didn't really think anyone was coming to my blog!=)

    Appts went well, better than expected. Phew