Sunday, December 14, 2008

Small Hungover Update

Man, I really can't handle the mornings that come after consuming more than 2 drinks. I feel groggy, nauseous and tired. Well I had more than a good few drinks last night at my sisters. It was an awesome time, karaoke, chinese auction (I got The Dark Knight!), and tons of people. So since this morning I've been feeling extreme queasy, have a headache, making myself eat food, and trying to relax. I rarely drink, so if I do I always feel like crap afterwords. I totally can't function the way I want to the day after I drink.

On another note, I'm excited for my new job. Very nervous as well, because there is a lot to learn. I need to be easy on myself and realize it takes time to learn things, and mistakes are okay because last I knew, I am human. 

I'm feeling pretty sick to my stomach so I'm going to lay down.

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