Friday, January 30, 2009


Quick post-

I wanted to send out my support and prayers to E, who I hope we all will hear from soon. We all love you, and are thinking of you.

On that I hope everyone is in a good place today-whether it be mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc...take some time today to treat yourself to something enjoyable, we deserve this and more everyday but I find that concept often slips our minds on a daily basis.

Give yourself some self love!


  1. Hey...
    I second everything you said! Good idea!!

  2. I third everything you wrote. I know it's never as simple as doing what you "should" do, or what you "wish" you could do for yourself.

    But, like everything else in life, the little things we do to honor ourselves will add up over time, and eventually make a difference in both our lives and our eating disorders.

    Baby steps, teensy tiny changes, even hope no matter how small, will change your life. Many times it's easy to forget this, or we overlook the cumulative effect of our actions, both negative and positive, when the progress is slow or small.


  3. P.S. I love the word collage! : )

    (I'm not sure what to call it.) But I love it : )


  4. I've definitely been up and down lately - on my own rollercoaster ride, but am always there to lend some support or encouragement to someone that needs it. Why is it that we are so willing to help others, but cannot help ourselves?

    I owe you all(bloggers) some 'thanks.' I look to your posts for my feelings when I cannot express or even know what I'm feeling. I'm not sure if this comforts me or scares the shit out of me that other people are in the same boat. I would not wish this hell on anyone. You put yourselves out there and know yourselves well enough to know what's really going on. Props and I don't think I'd be where I am today without each and every one of you these past few months.

    So, thanks, and I think the overwhelming flow of support that we all have for each other is just incredible.

    <3 to all!

  5. Becky, thanks=)

    Em, thats the hardest part for me, its remembering the the small steps get me where I am everyday. My expectations of myself are always too high. Thankfully I have more days now that I feel more at peace with my life.

    Amanda, I so could not answer that. But I agreee and relate to that-willing to help others, but when it comes to ourselves we feel clueless. I do not know what I would do with this blog. Its an outlet like no other. For me its the writing, and the network of everyone going through recovery. We love you too!