Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its Going to Rain for 3 Days :(

I am so not feelin too good today. This may gross you out, cause it grosses me out too...When I burp, it tastes and smells of rotten eggs or sulfur. I'm lightheaded, have a stomachache (chest kind of hurts too) and I'm afraid to drink even water, because in general I'm a constant belcher, anything I eat/drink makes me burp.

M went out and picked up some Tums for me, I took two, they taste of chalk of course. I get to look forward to cleaning, doing dishes and misc chores when I get home from work...sooo looking forward to that.

As you can see, I did my nails earlier before I came into work. It's been almost 2 years since I've painted my them, while I was in Massage Therapy School we could not paint or grow out our nails. Since then I've been so used to them being short, and unpainted I didn't have any interest in growing them out, and felt uncomfortable with them being long. I've enjoyed them being long recentley, and decided to go and paint them with a bright peach color. Maybe it will make the rain stop?

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  1. it does feel like pretty nails can make the rain (and the belching) stop. funny how that works.

    i have a terrible stomache too. it can make the weirdest, super loud sounds at any time. it particularly likes important meetings with sophisticated clients.

    my stomach manifests severe diarrhea at the least pleasant times (busses without bathrooms, airplanes) and/or constant consipation for weeks. it does NOT understand being regular. or quiet.

    hope you feel better. you're nails are gorgeous!