Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good Times

I had an ah-maa-zering day yesterday (I claim the rights to that word right there). Today was good too, but I was(am) soo tired. Anyway, at work Wednesday I got 5 phone contract activations! 3 renewals, and 2 new. I only had a 4 hour shift, so I averaged roughly over $32 with commissions included (not including accessories sales, which I sold 2). Being in customer services and sales can be hard, but I honestly love doing it. Today I got another 3, two new and one renewal.

My best friend J and her fiance came in Wednesday, and got plans! I was stoked, since I knew they were getting great plans and prices for everything. They were getting robbed with their prepaid phones. She got the phone I would have gotten if not my blackberry, an LG Rhythm. They're kick ass phones.

I had to drive to work today, in one of my Dad's cars. An 84 Crown Victoria. I'm so poor at the moment and had no gas, so he let me use it. My car was fixed Wednesday morning, and oil was added. I was deathly close to blowing my engine, since I'm about at 200,000 miles my car burns oil easily. Plus I was over my 3,000 miles. My car drove so much better after the ball joints were replaced, it doesn't pull all over the place.

I had a little get together with a few friends. Longtime friends, C, her boyfriend, A, his girlfriend, M, and B. I had a couple glasses of wine and two shots and I was good. It was definitely a time trip, and I'm amazed at where I once was (rebelling, doing crazy things as a teen with these kids) and now how I feel so much like an adult, and it makes me proud :) Corniest statement of the night! Becoming an adult is a slow process in itself, and I find the more I proclaim my mind, choices, and style of life, the stronger I feel as a person.

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