Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I've progressed quite well in coming off my medications. As of now I'm only on Wellbutrin and Buspar [helps with anxiety, but mainly increases libido :)] for anxiety, and occasionally xanx when I need it. My daily concoction includes:

Wellbutrin; 150mg
Buspar; 10mg 2x daily
Energy Plus; dietary supplement
Vitamin D; 800 IU daily (New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care-Highly recommend!)
Metamucil Fiber;(Heart & Digestive Health)
Ortho-cept; birth control (regulate menses, helps PCOS as well)
Cayenne fruit; supplement 3 daily (metabolism support)

So long to Prozac and Pristiq. I actually ran out of Pristiq, and since my psychiatrist was giving me samples only (my insurance does not cover it, and there is no generic) I just stopped taking it. I will say I feel much better with what I'm on now, less "meds" and more vitamins and supplements. From the very beginning of recovery I was very much against going on medications. During my stint of ultimate natural living, I refused to even take Tylenol when I had a headache (I was this way for over a year). I was fearful I would get on medications and never be able to come off them, but that fear was worth concurring to feel better, to relieve myself of the traumatic stress I put my body and mind through.

I'm so pooped and not much in the mind set to write, and I'm feeling its probably due to the rainy weather. Hopefully mine and J's girls day out Friday will be sunny and warm!


  1. Sounds like you're doing well! I'm always careful to make comments on meds. I don't know if it's a good idea to start or stop them. I just go by what people say about how they FEEL, and it sounds like you're doing well!! Glad to hear it :)

  2. Hi, I appreciate your comments on my blog! Glad to hear you are doing well. I, too, have tapered down my medications (only one anti-depressant now). Getting on and off medication can be drag but finding the right combo of meds/vitamins/supplements is important. Take care!

  3. Kim, thanks, I'm soo happy I've gotten to this point where I don't feel so dependent on my medications to get through the day!

    Saa, thanks :) Your blog is amazing and so is your artwork!

  4. Lately I've been wanting to cut my meds, because I just take sooooo many. The one I'm trying to get rid of is Abilify & my doctor doesn't like that idea. What was Pristiq like? I just heard about that for the first time in the past couple of weeks. And does the cayenne thing really help with metabolism? My metabolism needs major help!

  5. Bananas, pristiq has gotten amazing feedback, and I found it to be a good fit for me-it gave me something prozac and wellbutrin couldnt do together. It aliviated depressive thoughts and anxiety. The cayenne is great, as its heat units speed up metabolic functions. I highly advise to take it right before eating or with the food, because even though I don't get acid reflux, it might make you feel as though you have it if you take it right after a meal. Hope my answers can help you out!

  6. Is the cayenne easy to get? Would it be at Whole Foods?

    I'm going to mention Pristiq to my doctor. I just want to ask him about it... bored with my stuff.

  7. Like, cayenne straight up on on the rocks? JK I am a dork, I know. I'm trying to cut back on my meds, too. i'm just plain sick of them. Plus I don't feel like they are helping me anoymore.

  8. Bananas, yes very easy. Since its a simple spice, I'd recommend going to wal mart-100 capsules for under $3.

    E, yeah actually, it is straight up! Its the same spice you add to food :) Thats the huge thing for me for deciding to come off my meds, I wasn't feeling any benefit, and without them now (been about a month) Im stable and feel more like myself in a sense (when on any mood prescription I always feel not 100% me, ya know?)