Monday, June 8, 2009


I just finished 24oz of coffee...I'm wired. I ordered a couple things online today at Victoria Secret and I'm super excited. I haven't had a new bathing suit in a couple years...
The top one with the twisted back I got in white, and the one right above is the color I got. I've had a pretty good week, ED wise which is great. I went to a new nail place and got a full set done. This is only the second time in my life I've had my nails professionally done, and I love them. Its nice to pamper yourself once in a while, isn't it??
I had a real deep conversation with M the other night, and talked about the upcoming future plans. I'm so happy and blessed by God to have someone so understanding, caring, and on the same page about life and their dreams as me. We're working together today till 7pm, and the stores not been real busy. I'm eager to go outside, to tan, and just be in the sun altogether. We both have Tuesdays off so the beach is our go spot. Tomorrow we are going to bust out and clean/vacuum our cars. Mine needs it so. And a wash. Well, I'm going to grab a xanx to calm down, my leg is uncontrollably shaking and driving me nuts.


  1. Take me to the beach with you!!!!

  2. Yeah for you pampering yourself! And especially w/ the bathing suits. Honestly, I haven't bought one in probably 8 years? It's kinda funny.

    But what a great day. Good for you :)