Sunday, June 14, 2009

Role Models

I thought I'd write a post about role models, and also more specifically, models. As women we all have woman we idolize, for their personality, talent, intelligence, and their bodies. With eating disorders and body images issues, sometimes the ones we idolize are not a healthy image for us. Its hard since our society is drenched by the media with over the top skinny models. What might be harder is when we do find a healthy person to look up to, then before our eyes we see them disappear.

For me, I really embrace the Victoria Secret models. Their bodies are that of a real woman, and on the runway you can see the fierceness and pride in their eyes of themselves. They're mothers, activists, and real. They work hard to maintain their stature, as they are required to be all natural, a VS model requires a natural C cup. Now I know not every woman looks like this, or that they are the average, but they are beautiful women that I envy in more ways than just their bodies. My most favorite is Adraina Lima, she is gorgeous!
This morning I hopped on the net and ordered what you see below. Each item isn't necessarily that color, but you get the idea. Being 22, I feel I still dress, somewhat, like a teenager still. I'm mistaken for being 16 constantly, which I suppose isn't horrible but when you're getting the stink eye while drinking a martini its a bit old. Victoria Secret offers classy, sophisticated and simple clothes, and at a comparably good price. I'm soo excited for these to come in!


  1. yes! I love VS clothes, too! I am just scared to order things online w/o trying them on first. But I have wanted to try their jeans.
    I could really relate to your last post, as I have tried mant psych meds on the past and have recently cut back to 4 (from 6!). I would love to take a more natural approach but am scared I would be unaable to manage my thoughts and mood w/o my current regimen. Sometimes I just think "how did I end up taking all this stuff?". So, congrats on the med downsizing. I say, if you can get by without it, fewer meds are better!

  2. enjoy the clothes!!! ahhh, to look 16....

    but i do kind of think those VS girls look awfully thin. i guess they're kind of curvy, but i can't imagine they weigh much. just my opinion

  3. Compared to the leading perfume ads out there, you are absolutely right! The VS models are more real looking. They're fierce but sweet, beautiful but real. I've never noticed before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    I'm new to your blog, but I'll be back. Your opinions are unique and oriinal!

    Egg Beaten Angel
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  4. I love VS too!!! Those girls are so incredibly beautiful. They are in a class all their own. I watch the VS fashion show every year. I love Adrianna Lima also. To me that would be ultimate as a model. I can only imagine. My fiance just ordered me a bunch of VS tops. They all fit great too. I got one of the swingy tees also (like the grey one above) but in pink. All my jammies are VS too.