Monday, June 1, 2009

The Small Things

I've always had a great liking for movies mostly aimed toward younger audiences. This past Friday M and I took his niece to see Disney's Up, and I wasn't expecting much from it, but I got more from watching this movie than I could have imagined. A few scenes I couldn't help but tear a bit, and I'm usually a tough one to crack. There was a unmistakable message from the movie, particularly to adults, that I wasn't sure the young ones would have picked up on right away, or understand the depth. But I suppose greater understanding only comes with age ::wink:: I won't give away any details, so get out there and see it :).

I'm more than super excited to see my second favorite man in the world (second to M) hosting the Tonight Show later! I used to wait up all night to see him on Late Night and I'm more than psyched that he is the new host for the show, he deserves it.

I don't know if its me not taking my meds very regularly, and a couple not at all (prozac seems to have fallen off my regimen) and this morning I forgot to take my wellbutrin. I ran out of pristiq like a week ago, so its really only been one med for a while now. I feel good, and am hoping by winter to be off all meds for good (cept birth control, and vit D of course)

Car is getting fixed tomorrow, 2 lower ball joints, and an alignment, maybe an oil change. I want to vacuum it out, armor all the inside, and get some things done in town. M's going to stop by later and we'll probably take a nice long walk if its nice outside.

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  1. i am dying to see UP. thanks for the review (but not giving away details!) maybe i'll play hookie soon and go see it.

    do you feel any withdrawal when you skip your med? my body's so hyper-sensitive -- i worry i'll get major issues if i skip.

    glad you're in a good place. and M sounds terrific!