Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too Tired for a Title

I feel physically too tired to write, but my mind is craving to. I had a long day, starting with a nice walk outside with my little sidekick S, whom I babysat this morning until we met her Mom H at work in town to drive to her eye appointment. She's got school vacation, and her summer rec was closed, so I watched her and spent the day with them. I saw so many freakin sweet frames that I'm dreaming to get someday. I currently have thin all black frame GUESS eyeglasses, and they had a beautiful GUESS light brown (no rims on side & bottom lens) framed pair, that I was drooling over. I had a moment of "I want, I want, I want!" Soon... :)

We went over to the Mall afterwords and browsed around, S got a build-a-bear (dog). I want one! I'd skip all that dressing it up and stuff...I'd just like a stuffed animal.

I composed a list of 'Important Self Care' (that's written out on paper too) so I can actively keep my arse in check with doing what keeps me in Happy Healthy Sarah Land. There is a place.

  • Reading Daily (books, blogs)
  • Writing on my blog
  • Staying in touch with my emotions, not suppressing them
  • Expressing opinions/emotions/thoughts to trusted people i.e. M
  • Keeping my space clean/organized
  • Finishing tasks/activities I start
  • Budgeting my money
  • Getting outside
  • Visiting family & friends
  • Decreasing TV
  • Remember "I deserve to take care of myself"
  • Stay in the present
  • Doing things I enjoy, new hobbies
  • Healthy exercising
  • Reach out more & ask/tell what I need
  • Connect and express

Ignore our friend K there, he was doing that in everyone's photos, and we were too tipsy to notice until the next day...=P
Favorite wine EVER. Made right in a town next to mine.
J and I, on our day out!
S, not 3 anymore, on her two wheeler.
Nephew & I, his mouth is full of food!

So I'd say summer is, besides the rain, going great. When the sun decides to come out, I will scream hallelujah and escape for a day to the ocean...in one of the three new bikinis...


  1. Wow that was the postest with the mostest - friends, family, pics, goals - what else is there ;)

    Who were the flowers from? They are beautiful!

  2. I really like your list- i'd say those are all things I need to be doing also. And I love the scenery picture. Where was it taken?

  3. E, thanks :) Those are one of the bouquets my boyfriend has given me (those were from Valentine's Day)

    Lisa, thank you too, the scenery is actually the backwoods of Maine! (side of someones driveway =P)

  4. Love the list! Esp the "ME FIRST". It's definitely important to learn to love yourself and take care of yourself, or you won't be able to love or take care of others either.

  5. Hi Sarah, thanks for the sweet welcome-back on my blog! You're right: the blogging community is always there for you, no matter where or when. :D

    On the note of your "little sidekick," I think she's awesome! Just because it's cool to have someone to tag along with (rather someone who tags along with you)...

    HOpe the sun gets out soon!