Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quick Update

I've been so all over the place, in a good sense I suppose, to be committing to blogging lately. Camping, outings, added work hours, and not much sleep, I've kind of put of writing and reading, which I've really missed. It just gets to the end of the day, and the choice comes to either blog or pass out, I've opted for sleeping. I can't blame myself.

Eating wise things are great. I'm staying away from trigger foods, and not isolating myself when upset. I read a very interesting article about food addiction last night, and tomorrow I'll post my thoughts as well as a link to it.

I went out to the ocean today and A and her friend (which is her brothers gf), and she convinced me to wear sunscreen. I have not been keeping up my tan, which I am usually quite dark, in almost a year. I really wanted a tan today, and she said the sunscreen would not stop me from tanning it would only protect me from getting burnt. She was right. I'm soo glad I used it!

I hope and pray everyone is well, and will get across to all your blogs soon. Love to you all!

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