Thursday, January 14, 2010

Better Day I'd Say

MmmMmmm....That's a homemade mojito margarita right there! (Mom would be proud... no wait, she's a recovered alcoholic) . Today was a better day by far. I got my paycheck which included my commission so I was relieved I could calculate the list of my monthly bills, etc with it. I also very much need to and will register my car. It was due in November. If that's bad, also my license is expired as of 12/20/09. I can't change my birthday, but will plan in advance not to buy/register a car near the holidays.

If anyone has noticed, depending on how you read my entries (right on my blog, or through reader) my layout has been completely spastic. I wasn't feeling any of it. It's finally how I'd like it to be. Not too busy, or too plain in my eyes. Shitty thing is that when I changed my template, alllll my links to blogs and such went out the window. I was upset, but not lost because I follow all those blogs I had linked, plus more that weren't. Phew. So I started over, and that's okay. If you read my blog and aren't on there, yell at me =)

Tomorrow is my day off and I'm trying not to overwhelm myself with ideas on what I want/need to do. I already know, and need to stop thinking into each one so much, because they are only just small events during my day. Plus it makes me mucho anxious. *Be in the in the present*


  1. I like the layout. It's very nice. "Be in the present" I like that.

  2. i like the new layout, too. My blog looks different depending on what computer i am using, so i have no idea how anyone sees it.
    I am glad you are feeling better. I started to comment on your last post like 5 times bc i could relate to it so well..but all my words sounded so clumsy...anyway in the present!

  3. mmm liking the cocktail :-)

    Glad you had a better day and hope you enjoy your day off...

    Sarah x

  4. New layout looks good. I like it!