Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Go Up, I Go Down

Talk about a rollercoaster week. Yesterday was by far a frustrating, pull your hair out and stomp your feet on the ground day. It was in particular two events I let really get to me and put me in a damper.

My registration is past due, since November. My license is expired this past December 20th. So I'm officially a driving target for the po-po's. If I were pulled over I would certainly be arressted. One of those might fly by with a warning, but both would be a double wammy for me.

So since both have been in need of doing, I've been driving everyday, cautiously. Except as of a few days ago, I'm getting too paranoid, so I carpool with Matt to work as much as I can, and if I have to I'll drive his car. His car is legal, and driving mine around with an orange sticker would stick out compared to the new 2010 white stickers. It is just luck that I haven't been pulled over. But if I had, then have no license, I'd be in deep.

I was on my marrily way to withdrawl $ from the bank, and during my journey there and back, Gray to Windham, then back to Gray town office, I spotted 4 COPS. 2 of them were sitting waiting to prance on whatever car, and you never if it's gonna be you they pull out for. But alas, I made it to the Town Office. "Friday 8:30 to NOON." Goddammit. It's 2:30pm. So I go back to Windham, where I drive past 2 cops that total 6(!) seen, and take Matt's car, and leave mine there. I head to Portland to renew my license, and low and behold, CLOSED. Just for THAT day. For a MEETING. For real?

I could should have called/googled these places in advance, but being the stubborn person I am, was very expectant that my luck would not be like this. I got teary eyed, but realized, hey, I can go Tuesday when they are both open, and I haven't been arressted...But at the time it was just. not. fair.

Another thing that's just not fair is my laptop decided to shit the bed this morning. I don't know what's wrong with it yet, but there is a place in Portland that will tell you what's wrong with it for $20 and if you decide to fix it there that $20 will go towards the repairs. Sorry Geek Squad you are overpriced. I'm not like so sad about it only just the fact that anything I've added to my Docs, Pics, etc is not backed up on a CD. I did however do it about a month ago when I upgraded to Windows 7, so I'd only be missing a few things if all my files are gonna be toast. Also, I have Matt's comp to use, and at work I'm sitting at a desk with a computer in my face all day. Joy.

Sigh. Feels good to get these clustered thoughts out.


  1. I am such a stubborn person too so i can totally understand this, its funny seeing your traits in other people :)

  2. i often wonder why, exactly, there are so many cops camped out in my little old Roxbury, New Jersey. As my fiance and i drove (the speed limit) past six (the lucky number?) or seven today, we commented that "it must be nice to be a roxbury cop."

    sometimes, there are two, side-by-side. on new year's eve, i'd swear there was one cop per reveller.

    hope everything is open for you and you are safely and legally back on the road. i know these frustrations. i drove around sans license, registration, or insurance briefly (someone had broken into my glove compartment and i didn't realize it). i only found out because i was, indeed, pulled over by a cop. heavy fines, but no prison term. thankfully.

    good luck!

  3. Boo about laptop failure! The number of times my life has been blighted by the rubbishness of technology...

    The good thing about frustrating/stressful days like these is they make us appreciate good days all the more when things go well.

    I'm sending you a good day...hopefully it will reach you soon hehe!

    Sarah x

  4. Ugh, I hate registration and licenses--they always seem to come due when I have no money for either. And the same exact thing happened to me when I went to register my car last month. Closed. For the day. For a meeting. Are you fucking kidding me?

    Anyway, I'm sending good thoughts your way and I hope things start looking up!

  5. i love your heart and spirit in your blog. keep it up! i am new to blogging recovery but i hope it will be an outlet for me to reach others :) keep up your amazing work