Monday, January 18, 2010

Kinda Excited! ;)

I just finished my taxes via Tax Slayer. Matt has done it this way for years now, and instead of asking my friend Heather who works for a payroll company (she does it for free), and waiting weeks to get the money, Tax Slayer is super quick, and my money will be deposited within 15 days. Only drawback is there is a $14.90 charge for processing, etc no matter if you choose direct deposit or have a check mailed out. Nothing is ever free folks. I totally plugged Tax Slayer...whoops.

So, being employed part time, I will be receiving $654 back (federal & state), and in 5 minutes already planned what I'm doing with it. So I must share cause I'm like that, and I'm excited.

$200 will be going to my credit card. That's going to be nice.

$185(est) I will be buying an iPod Touch! Yessa. Did you know the iTouch and the iPhone are exactly the same and the only difference is you cannot make calls, and it does not have a camera. I work for US Cellular and could never switch to AT&T because A) they suck B) they suck C) bad customer service, NO cell service in most all of Maine, and overpriced plans. My master mind plan is to purchase the iTouch, that has wi-fi, so the net and facebook, etc is available to me plus my music, and apps galore. This means I will cancel my Blackberry Service, which runs me $24.95/month, and cancel the $5.95 insurance. I am going to save $31 a month on my cell bill! I'll be buying a Motorola VE20 (basic phone) and simply use it as a phone. (BTW, my plan's a National 1000, free incoming calls from anyone, nights and weekends @7pm, and free mobile to mobile (US Cellular customers--->US Cellular customers.), for $49.99/month!

The remaining $269, either I will need to put $100 or so down for my laptop to be repaired which I'm expecting. Anything left over from that is going to our (Matt and I) first kitchen table.

Finally no more sitting at our coffee table for dinner...


  1. Those sound like cool plans. But as a loyal AT&T customer,,,, your right they just suck!

  2. You only pay $25 a month for your BB service?????? RRRRRRRR mine is $80...

  3. hey i love your "dear body"
    that you have on your blog. so beautifully written. you guys have such good deals for mobiles etc, NZ is so expensive! we have 2 companies we can use... so they both charge over the moon prices!