Friday, January 8, 2010

This and That

Okie dokie folks, I'm posting sort of on a regular basis, which is super awesome. January 6th marked Matt and I's year anniversary. I love him so much, and in one year so much has happened, that I've moved further in my recovery having him with me. At times I didn't see this and even thought I've breaking away from him (which I believe was my Ed speaking) I feel at a good balance with things, which is not a bad way to start 2010 right??

One of my gifts this Christmas was from a gift certificate from Matt, to the Nail place I go to religiously every 2 weeks. Annnd since, well, its my gift, I'll be a little daring and go for color! And a nice design on each ring finger. For months now, I've been only doing french. I was too scared of any kind of color clashing with anything. And to my surprise, they came out frickin sweet!

The design is hard to see, and I can't get any camera I have to pick up the fine detail, so that's as good as it gets. Today, as part of my birthday present from last month, I got my hair done. A full weave highlight (two tones of blonde). Its weaved very tight so it doesn't look streaky, like most highlights. Its overall two toned, and looks natural. I'm happy to get the red out of my hair! I was also happy to have my aunt Cici, who's been doing hair for over 20 years, and owns her own salon, do it for me. (Don't mind the pony tail hump in the first pic)

Gail, my Dad's fiance [they are getting married this spring =)] came over to my apartment and helped me make vegetable soup from scrap! I was really nervous about this, thinking it would be bland and I'd screw it up somehow, but it turned out great. Plenty of spices (basil, sea salt, pepper, onion spice, parsley, marjoram, and season all) with the fixings (veggie stock, diced tomatoes, long grain brown rice, carrots, celery, onion, zucchini, peas)

I'm so ready to zonk out on the couch and do about nothing until bedtime =)


  1. your hair looks AMAZING. wow. beautiful.

    i wish i knew how to upload a picture of my nails. they're sparkly (i swear it's light and pretty, not garish.)

    so glad you are doing as well as you are. Congrats on your anniversary!

    again, that hair is fantastic

  2. OMG drooling on the keyboard that soup looks so good I can smell it from here.

    Oh yeah your hair and nails look nice. But really more about the soup!!!! DROOLLLL!!!! So cold down here, need the soup.

  3. Your hair is so beautiful! It looks very long and thick!
    I looove veggie soup from scratch. especially this time of year.