Monday, March 19, 2012

Today is Monday, Need I say More?

What a mtuhoerfckuin (play a game of unscramble) crap day. Really? Really? Anyone Most everyone who works in customer service/sales directly with the public, I think you'll agree that much of the public think that they have a tattoo on their head stating "Entitled". They want to obtain things for free, or get things cheap just because they are 'such and such' (On disability, social security, what ever how minor like 'I'm old' What? Well I'm 25 so give me something I won't be able to afford for nothing.) What's missing here? Gratitude.  Once you begin to practice gratitude troubles don't seem so terrifying. So like now, while I feel irritable about the number of people that came into our office whining about their own circumstances, I realize I'm not practicing thinking about the good things, and I find it a better way to pull yourself into the present.

Still, stressful moments for me trigger me to start controlling things, and lately its been trying to control everything that hasn't happened yet. Yeah. Like the price of buying a house, raising a kid/daycare, our retirement...I just start to worry about future things that haven't happened yet. This must conclude my present is good, right? :P I can say this is where I want to be, and therefor I'm happy!

I think our cats would say the same!

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